UK Power Solutions Ltd Case Study

Client: UK Power Solutions Ltd
Site: Various rural applications where Anaerobic Digestion Power Generation is installed

Northern Switchgear Services was commissioned to design, build, install and commission wall mounted protection panels for use in rural Utility Substations where on-site generation has been installed.

Primary 11kV distribution switchgear is expensive, large by comparison to the equivalently rated secondary switchgear and requires a more conditioned environment. This all adds up to a greater capital investment and higher running costs. NSS Ltd designed a wall mounted relay protection panel that permits DNO connection using standard High Voltage (11kV) Secondary Distribution Switchgear.

The protection panel layout was produced using our CAD system, and manufactured, at our facility in Manchester, using the designated DNO’s approved relays giving full protection functionality and allowing full switchgear protection/control automation. The equipment was then installed on-site and fully witnessed tested by our client and the DNO engineers to allow connection onto the network.

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